Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Pilot

Welcome to my blog! (Gee, I wonder how many people begin with that...)

She sits staring at a blank blog page wondering what to say.

I am the type of person who normally has a lot to say, but, of course, now that I have a place to say it, I can't think of anything I want to say (or perhaps it's more accurate to say I don't know where to begin). Go figure! I'll start with the basics. Me.

I'm an aspiring romance author. I have been dreaming up stories since I picked up my first romance--Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' The Flame and the Flower. Right now I'm working on a werewolf paranormal romance (working title Through the Shadows). I love wolves. I love hot alpha men. It seemed logical to marry my two loves. That's not to say my wolf is the only thing I'm working on. I have several wips (works in progress), not all of them paranormal, though all of my focus is on TTS at the moment. And in the back of my head is the jabbering of a secondary character from TTS demanding his story be next. Escape the Shadows? Hmm...

I've never been shy about telling people I write. Most people give me that look that says, "And, what's your real job?" I ignore this look as it's unproductive and detrimental to my characters' well-being. I spend a good 8 hours a day writing. I think I can say in all honesty, I am a writer. Some people are encouraging and excited for me. Others would be more pleased if I would expend my talent to writing children's books rather than sexy paranormals. Oh, well. If you can't please everyone...I guess you all know how that ends.

The good news: I have no husband to get in the way of my muse. I have a daughter, but as she is also an aspiring author--and an honors student at ITT in the Criminal Justice program--(sorry, the mom in me had to do it :) she understands my obsession; a psychotic Siamese Fighting Fish--my daughter believes he's plotting to murder us; and a Fat-Tailed Leopard Gecko, neither of which care what I do beyond feeding them.

And now the muse is calling to me, so I'll end my ramblings for now. Here's hoping you weren't too bored to return another day for an update on my journey through the shadows.


  1. Hey Kyrrah nice opening blog. Makes me want to go do one now.

  2. Well this is just too awesome! However, you did forget to mention you have the bestest of best friends who also happens to be your BIGGEST fan :-) that would be me of course.

    I can't wait for your first book signing. This of course after being really excited to help conduct the interviews for your alpha male wolf cover model.

    I love you Kyrrah :-)and am just really excited to be able to spy in on your blog thoughts.

  3. Hi, Kyrrah.

    I saw you on RomVets. Way to go on simply announcing you are a proud writer and disregarding the weird looks. It's my goal to do write full time and I'm working toward that. Check me out my blog when you have time: How cool for us to both start blogging on the same weekend :).

  4. Hi Kyrrah! Congratulations on your blog! You're on your way, lady. And ignore all those strange looks. They're just jealous that you're getting the opportunity to go for your dream. Oh, and WTG to your daughter. Honor student at ITT! Whoot! I know you've got to be proud. :)

  5. Hey lady!! Your blog looks just like mine--great minds think alike?? :) Guess we're both hitting that same spot in our writing careers (yes, I said it like it is!--a career, people!!) where it was time to boot up the blog and get to chatting ourselves up. Great intro, by the way. I, for one, continue to look forward to what you have planned for Simeon and all his yummy hotness. LOL

    I'm going to follow you and suggest your page to my friends who are (hopefully) going to make visiting my page a religious thing. haha

    Much love!