Saturday, April 24, 2010

The One with the Prom Dress & the Dog

I thought I had made my last prom dress last year when my daughter graduated. Then her friend came to me late this past winter and said, "Morgan's dress was so awesome, will you make mine?" So, here I am again, two weeks before prom, and I haven't even cut it out yet. One would think after one Winterfest dress, two prom dresses, three bride's maid dresses, and two hand-beaded wedding gowns (and no, they weren't both mine-I would never do that more than once - get married, that is), all of which I was still working on just hours before the event, that I would have learned my lesson on procrastination. I think I was even still working on my girlfriend's wedding dress right before she walked down the aisle-she was wearing it at the time. Oh well, I am what I am, and I always finished them in time. On the plus side, this prom dress is a much simpler design than Morgan's. I'll be ready for Shekinah to try it on Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, my writing will be put on hold for a week. Not a good thing for me. Sewing is a mindless activity for me; it doesn't take much brain power to do it, so my mind wanders, and I will be second guessing my writing and re-thinking too many things. This interferes with my ability to finish even though the book is plotted out to the end. However, I have been getting better. I force myself not to edit new stuff for at least a week. Otherwise, I'm doing nothing but editing and never reach "The End". I'm hoping to have an excerpt up here shortly, so all of you can encourage me by telling me how great it is ;)

On a sad note, I just learned that my mom's two year old Golden Retriever, Shelby, has lymphoma. Apparently, it is extremely common in Goldens (1 in 8 according to So far the dog is none the wiser. Though the vet has given her about 4 - 6 weeks, she is still tearing about the property and terrorizing our 15 year old Golden. Regrettably, treatment is very expensive, and the MSU Vet Hospital said it would probably only give her two more years. And, due to the side effects of treatment, she wouldn't be a very healthy, active dog for those two years.

So, my second blog ends on a sad note, but I will be encouraging my parents to get another dog. I'm a firm believer that dogs are good for long as the people are equally good for the dog. To all of you with pets, I wish you a long-lived and healthy one. To all of you making dresses, I wish you good luck on meeting your deadline.


  1. Take advantage of the week long mindless task to plot something new or work out the details of scenes. It's really nice of you to take the time to make the dress.

    I hope the Goldie doesn't suffer.

  2. Sorry to hear about your parent's golden. :( Big hugs to everyone, as that's very stressful.

    Good luck with the dress. :D And, I love the look of your new blog, but then, I'm kinda both a Dark Shadows fan and werewolf fan. :D

  3. Can we see pictures of the finished dress? :)

    Sorry about the Golden. I love dogs as my two spoiled brats will be happy to tell you.

    I'm looking forward to reading your work. Cheers~

  4. I will post a pic of the dress. She's coming back to my place for pics because I have two great floweing trees she want pics in from of.

    Thanks to everyones well wishes for my parents' dog. I'm hoping they will not wait too long to get a new dog.